Getting Started : News Discovery Made Faster through the 'Liri Curator App

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This morning, we officially released 'Liri, a news curator app to the public after an initial beta release on November 26, 2018. We wanted to say a little bit more about how this product works and why we're offering it. DLiri, pronounced as 'Liri is a news curator where can find and read news from reliable news sources from Nigeria and the rest of Africa. 


Every day, millions of people search the internet to read Nigerian newspapers online as well as stories from across Africa. Busy professionals visit several websites searching for relevant headlines thereby spending more time than should. Businesses and professionals can now easily find African and in particular Nigerian news on 'Liri as we curate stories from the most reliable sources and present to you in a digestible feed.  


We think people who use 'Liri will benefit from a curator that makes news easily accessible and easier to digest.


Media Companies
Also, media companies can achieve business goals, whether that's engaging with your audience, reaching new customers or driving traffic back to your website from 'Liri.


News Organized by Topic
People can read news by categories. 'Liri has a growing number of categories organized by topics which include -Technology, Spirts, Lifestyle & Living, Business & Entrepreneurship, Politics & Government and All Africa.  


News spread throughout 'Liri
Contents are distributed in the feed and in category and search feeds. When they repin it, more people will get a chance to see it.


Clicks sent traffic back to you
Readers can click on any news in to visit the website it came from when they can read more, or sign up for a service.


'Liri is not only accessible via the webs, but also available on the App Store and Google Play. We're excited about launching 'Liri! try it by downloading the 'Liri app. 



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